We ship out using tracked overnight delivery on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

We choose not to ship out on Thursdays, if anything goes wrong with the delivery the carrier can't fix it until Monday. By which time you really would not want them to deliver your order!

We deliver all over England, Wales and Scotland to just north of Dundee. We only use overnight delivery. We can't deliver to the Highlands of Scotland, Ireland (North or the Republic) or offshore Islands as our carriers can't guarantee overnight delivery to these locations. You really would not want to open a seafood delivery after 3 to 5 working days!

International Orders: We don't deliver overseas in small quantities. The permits and paperwork required make this impractical.

We take orders from all over the world for UK deliveries to friends, relatives or loved ones.

Shipping terms - St Andrews Seafoods
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