"How to"

"How to"

If you have ordered a fresh St Andrews Bay Lobster we will pack it carefully and send it out by APC express carrier. Or deliver it ourselves if you are local.

It is best to cook your fresh Scottish Lobster as soon as possible after arrival. They can be stored in the short-term by placing them in the fridge covered with a damp tea towel. Never try to store a lobster in freshwater; they are marine animals and freshwater will kill them and cause the flesh to swell. This goes for ice too.

Any lobster that arrives looking dead or unresponsive should be cooked straight away to preserve freshness. Once cooked lobster should be treated like any other cooked fish and can be stored in the coldest part of your fridge for upto 4 days.

We recommend that you follow the advice of the RSPCA and kill your lobster before cooking using air chilling.

If you order a cooked lobster please be assured that it will have been prepared in this way within hours of being caught. We leave the cooked lobster whole as this stops it from drying out and keeps it fresher. We make no additional charge for cooking your lobster and it will be delivered chilled.


1. Always use the largest saucepan you have to hand. Half fill it with fresh water and add  around 150g salt per gallon (4.5l) and bring to a rolling boil. It is vital that you have enough room to completley cover the lobster in boiling water.

2. Gently drop the Lobster into the water and bring the pan back to the boil.

3. Start timing once the water is back on the boil. Different people like their lobsters cooked for different times. But you won't go far wrong if you allow 10 mins for Lobsters up to 1 1/2lb. For larger lobsters just add on 5 mins extra per extra pound.

4. Once cooked carefully tip the water away and rinse the cooked lobster under the tap to remove any protien foam.

5.Once the lobster has cooled down a bit pull off the claws, crack them with a sharp blow and remove the meat.

6. To split the lobster into two halves place the lobster the right way up on a chopping board. Look on the head of the lobster  for a cross shaped mark.  Take a large pointed knife and hold it point down over the cross. Push it straight down through the middle of the cross then rock the knife forward to cut down between the eyes. Take the knife out, reverse it and now cut through the tail.

7. Remove the pouch which is located close to the head and the fine tube that runs close to the shell in the tail of the lobster.

Here's a video guide: Preparing cooked Lobster

How to Prepare and Cook Live Scottish Lobster - St Andrews Seafoods
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